The importance of Employee Engagement


I’ve read a lot recently about the importance of employee engagement. I find it hard to understand why many companies still don’t seem to have got this right.

I’ve always thought of staff as a customer group who want the same 6 things as any other customer.

Having staff engaged in the business is vital. They are the face and voice of your company, dealing with customers’ issues every day. That means they know what is important to them. I’ve usually find they have the most practical ideas for improving customer service. One company asked me to set up a customer retention programme. The first thing we did was ask the staff what the problems were and what they thought we should do to fix them. Within a week, we had 32 individual issues and solutions. We put them into place over 6 months and halved the number of customers leaving.

So get your staff involved in your business. Make sure they know where the business wants to go and how long you want to take to get there. Ask them what they think the issues are that can stop you getting there. Involve them in coming up with, designing and implementing the solutions. They are a valuable resource which many businesses do not use as well as they should!


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