This Is Us

We came together as Simply Customer in 2014 having each spent years working separately and together improving the customer experience for large corporates. We each have different skills and experience which combine in Simply Customer to create a great team – passionate about and expert in improving businesses by building great customer experiences.

Nigel Greenwood

07545 569775

30 years of creating great customer experiences, an author, presenter and lecturer, but mostly someone who likes to keep things simple, says it as it is, knows what customers want and loves making a difference.

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Celia Felgate

07779 621151

12 years of delivering customer focused changes that deliver real impact for businesses and customers alike, a great marketeer, obsessive about customer experience, expert at showing how businesses make their customers feel and never afraid to ask the awkward questions.

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Martin Williams

07803 197936

35 years in customer experience design and implementation, business transformation, marketing and communications. Expert in getting and using customer insight to dig down to the detail that ensures small changes have huge impact.

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