About Simply Customer

I launched Simply Customer in 2014 having spent years improving the customer experience for large corporates, increasing lead to sale conversion and customer retention. I’m passionate about and expert in improving businesses by building great customer experiences.

Nigel Greenwood

07545 569775

30 years of creating great customer experiences, an author, presenter and lecturer, but mostly someone who likes to keep things simple, says it as it is, knows what customers want and loves making a difference.

Nigel is a former Head of Channel Management and Head Of Customer Loyalty for the Financial Services Division of HBOS. He has improved customer experience across a number of roles for 28 years.
Following a corporate career in Financial Services, he spent 4 years contracting with large corporates to improve customer experience and retention. Frustrated at how slow large businesses were to change, in 2014 he founded Simply Customer Ltd to bring the benefits of journey mapping and customer experience improvement to SMEs. Examples of the impact his journey mapping has had on SMEs include:
• 100% immediate improvement in lead to sale conversion.
• 80% improvement in customer renewals within 12 months.
• 67% improvement in conversion of quotation issued to sale.
• 800% increase in sale of monthly retainer with quotation.
• For a micro SME, increase in monthly turnover from £2,500 to £25,000 within 6 months.

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