Using your customers to create a great experience


One of the 6 things that all customers want is communication. They especially value 2 way communication – it’s good to know that a business values you and listens. Many businesses involve their customers in generating ideas for improvement.

You can start by talking to your customers. Ask how they feel about doing business with you and what you can do better or in another way. When you are comfortable doing that, there are lots of different things you can try. Researchers believe there are 10 different elements to creating what they call customer co-creation.



The theory is that, as products became commoditised, now good service is following. Customers expect good product performance and excellent service as a matter of course. Standing out from your competition now means delivering a great experience for each customer.

The difficulty is that experience is a personal thing. That means each customer view is important. Co-creation means working with customers to create a valuable experience for each one. This may not be possible for a small business with a limited number of products. As you grow, you can create a menu which customers can pick and choose from. Then they create their own individual experience with you.

Our toolkit has further articles covering the different elements you can consider. Please note: you don’t need to do all these at once. You may not need to do them all, but they are worth considering once you have enough customers who will talk to you!


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