The importance of emotion


There are 3 key types of interaction that make up the total customer experience:

  • The brand, such as advertisements, marketing communications and signage
  • The offering—the characteristics of products and services, and how customers use or experience them
  • The touch points, including stores, staff, contact centres, websites, social media and customer communities

All build customer satisfaction, but customers are emotional creatures as well as rational ones. They use both sides of their brains to rate the companies they do business with. This is why it’s so important to build an emotional connection as well as a rational one.

We want good value and efficiency, but we also want to like and trust the companies we use. We want to feel good about ourselves when we do business with them. We’ll put up with less than perfect service if we feel that the people we’re dealing with care about us, are trying hard and will get there in the end:



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