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Sometimes it’s better to read about a real life example rather than a theory of lead conversion. Here’s one of the best I’ve encountered recently:

I visited Ian Jackson and Julie Tumilty from Feature Media ( They run a video and animation company based in Leeds. We discussed ideas they had for improving their business and I noticed 2 things they do:

First, they never stop looking for ways to improve. They meet often to review customer feedback and examples from other people’s experience. The aim is to improve their customer experience, even though it’s already excellent. Making regular, small changes means  the company culture is to serve their customers the best way they can. That shows in the work they do, their testimonials, and the regular flow of repeat business.

Second, they have a clever process to maximise the percentage of enquiries they convert. The process also helps to make sure that an enquiry for a one off piece of work turns into a long term customer.

So, how does it work? Well, the clever part is that when they get an enquiry, their first thought isn’t about making the sale. They focus on finding out about the potential client. It means asking relevant open questions to understand how the business works, its ideal clients and what they want. This gives them a detailed view of their sales process. They then work out how they can best help the business achieve its goals through the use of video. It’s not just what they should look like and what content they should have, but where and when a potential customer should see them.

They have a unique way of explaining to a potential client how they can help and just how much value they can add to the business. They even explain what return on investment the client could expect by following their suggestions.

And it works. Although they have only been doing this for a few months, enquiry conversion is already up by 40%. The average value of a sale has also increased.

Why does it work? It’s because they focus on the customer and understanding them. They also realise listening is key to delivering everything the client wants and more.

They’re a great example of a local customer-focused business which is flourishing and has a great future in front of it in my opinion!


You can read more about them here

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