Offering a little extra


Treating customers as individuals is a great way to build customer satisfaction.

Offering different experiences through different media is one way to personalise experiences.

Other companies personalise customer experiences through closeness of interactions. Usually, personalised experiences need one-to-one marketing or  customers choosing their preferred channel.

Clothes2Order takes a photograph of customers’ orders during production. They email the customer the image. It was  an employee suggestion and has been  well received by customers. One customer review writes:

I was a bit sceptical of how it would turn out as it was all done through the net. I was super excited  when they sent me a picture showing me one of my sweatshirts. Even more excited when I opened the packet to reveal what I call Class A work. Service A+ and Delivery A+. Will definitely be using again.”

Arrow XL are the UK’s leading two-man home delivery specialist. They contact customers  to ask for their preferred delivery window. It’s a personalised customer service and one that saves both parties time and money. It meant changing  internal  processes  and  adding  more  channels. They  have  already seen the number of first time deliveries rise.

Levy Restaurants is a leading provider of premium quality food and drink experiences. They are in some of the UK’s most recognised sports and  leisure buildings. These include The O2 Arena, Chelsea Football Club and Millennium Stadium. They prepare for match days by researching the types of local produce that away fans may want.

The company  contacts the away club to  learn popular food and drink items. For a Manchester City game, they stocked Blue Moon beer as it related to their history. On another occasion they stocked Newcastle ale especially for away fans.  They had Italian language menus for  Juventus fans at an away game. Kiosk staff wear away team football shirts and they use screen shots relevant to the away team.

Insurance company, Cornish Mutual, restructured and trained its member services. They became a multi-skilled team rather than specialist skilled technical departments. Customers now get the support they need from the first person they speak to and don’t get transferred. All call handlers can answer some of the most frequent customer queries. A new telephony  system  routes incoming calls by skill set. This reduces customer waiting time.


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