I read the news today..oh boy….

Sunday Times, March 13 2016.

The Ombudsman upholds 97% of energy complaints referred to them. To compare, 55% of bank complaints are upheld. And I thought that was bad!

Energy companies profit from customer apathy. 70% of customers are on the most expensive tariff. This is because they don’t switch tariff or company.

The final statistic – energy complaints to the Ombudsman have risen by 815% in 9 years. And the Ombudsman says they only get 5% of eligible complaints. Many people are unhappy but don’t do anything.

It looks as though the energy industry doesn’t respect its customers. Communication is poor. They have a lot of complaints but don’t deal with them in the right way. It isn’t easy to switch suppliers.

It’s a clear picture of an industry in crisis. For years, the Big 6 have been in control. But perhaps things are changing. From 2010 to 2014, 2 million customers switched supplier. In 2015 it was 4 million. Most leave one of the Big 6 to go to a smaller supplier.

They leave because of price and service (or lack of it). Service forms 70% of the reason a customer moves to or from a supplier.

The lessons from all this? You work hard to get your customers. Work just as hard to keep them. Don’t take them for granted or ignore them. Keep an eye on your competition and beat it.


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