Examples of employee engagement


Employee engagement is key for great customer experiences. Encouraging a “Can do” attitude rather than ‘there’s nothing I can do’ engages employees. It helps them to understand how they can contribute to the customer experience.

To exceed customer expectations, motivate staff to search for customer needs. Empower them to “go the extra mile”. Concentrate on customer facing staff. Otherwise a superior customer experience is not possible and you won’t remain competitive.

Findel Education is the UK’s leading educational resources provider. Every employee helped define what the Findel Education customer experience looks like. They made sure it is accessible and owned by all employees, not just the management team. The company invested time and resource in internal communications. They made them engaging, compelling and meaningful, not just ‘posters on the wall’. They used a simple “Ask yourself” campaign.  It meant that every decision, meeting and discussion focused on the customer. These communications reinforced how everybody played a part in creating the right customer experience. They also helped generate a large number of ideas from the employees.

They also ran an internal road show of workshops. These included drop in sessions, training sessions and “brown paper” exercises. This gave employees a voice about how they do business and how they serve customers.

Capital One Europe encourages staff to suggest how to improve the customer experience.  They use the customer feedback and insights they receive on a day-to-day basis. It makes them one of Capital One’s most valuable assets. So far they have had over 350 ideas to date, all which have been assessed by the company.

Clothes2Order is a UK online B2B retailer. All departments have a core value of, “Customer focus. Customer experience comes before short term profit”. Every department also has at least one Key Performance Indicator related to customer satisfaction. The goal of all teams in the business is to develop ways to surprise and delight customers.

To promote this, Clothes2Order offers its employees the “Remarkable Ideas” Awards.  When they deliver a staff idea and customers comment on it, the member of staff gets a gift voucher.

Virgin Media have a dashboard to track customer comments on employee behaviour.  It covers every customer encounter and updates every 15 minutes. It is easy to access and understand for all staff. It  encourages employee engagement and means everyone tries to improve the customer experience.

DPD UK is the UK’s fastest-growing B2B parcel delivery company. They assign ten Top 100 customers to each of the ten members of their strategic management team (SMT). Each SMT member visits the client several times a year. This is so DPD customers have a voice in the boardroom. The Top 100 customers also have direct access to their assigned board director.


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