Customer experience – indirect benefits


Improving customer experience has lots of direct benefits such as increased sales and profits. There are also significant indirect benefits which can be harder to measure:

Increased staff productivity

A recent Temkin study showed the impact of customer experience on staff engagement. Companies with good customer experience had great staff engagement. They were 2.5 times more engaged than those in companies with poor customer experience.  This is because staff don’t have to spend as much time with customer issues. They can be more proactive and help to improve your processes and quality. Not only are they more satisfied and engaged but a lot more productive.

Lower staff turnover

Because staff are more productive and happier, they stay with you longer. That reduces the time and money you spend recruiting and training!

Lower cost of customer acquisition

It costs 6–7 times more to get a new customer than keep an existing one (Bain & Co). Start serving your existing customers well and they will buy more and complain less. 91% of customers who get unhappy just leave and never come back. Most of them won’t bother to tell you that they are unhappy!


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